Yes? No! - Jed Whitey - Mongoloid Cage Match (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. vinyl problems: 円 lp ・lagwagonのjoey capeと、no use for a nameのtony slyによるアコースティックアルバム第二弾!共に自身のバンドナンバーをアコースティック用にアレンジした5曲+新曲1曲を収録。 jed whitey: mongoloid cage match.
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  3. Nov 15,  · Monday, September 29, jed whitey-this machine kills hippies this 7" contains four of the faster songs from their "mongoloid cage match" LP that came out in 01 plus a cover of jealous again. It was released on swedish hardcore label busted heads (run by from DS13) a year or two after the LP.
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